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  • Why the ADHD label is inherently destructive to your child
  • Why we’ve been wrongly viewing ADHD since day 1
  • The two most critical pieces of successful ADHD care

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Praise for Flipping ADHD on its Head

“Whether you are a mom, or a dad, or a teacher, or just somebody interested in learning about this fascinating condition, Dr. Jim is your man.”
Edward Hallowell, MD, coauthor of Driven to Distraction

“I’ve read several books by physicians/clinicians about ADHD for patients and families and this is at the top of my list.”
Mark Simms, MD, Director of Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee

“In tennis, there is nothing more critical than understanding, developing, and applying one’s strengths toward success. If I were to take everything I know about coaching youth and apply it to parenting an ADHD child, this book would be it. High praise to Dr. Jim for Flipping ADHD on its Head.”
Chuck Kriese, ACC’s winningest coach, and coach of the U.S. Junior Davis Cup team

“Having combatted the devasting stigma and difficult challenges of mental health for over 30 years within my own family, I could not be more thrilled to see Dr. Jim finally getting this message out to the world. Flipping ADHD on its Head is a welcome addition to the cause, and the first book I’d recommend to any parent struggling with an ADHD child. Dr. Jim’s approach gives so much hope to an area that has often been hopeless. Bless you, Dr. Jim, for this gift to the world.”
Van Eure, International Restaurateur of the Year, Chair Walk for Hope

“Having a FastBraiin in a Chevrolet world can be quite challenging. Dr. Poole has figured out a way to take what many doctors and others have considered to be a handicap and has turned it into an asset! This book will be life-changing for families all over our country!”
Barry Foote, Entrepreneur and former MLB Player/Coach

“This informative book provides awareness and understanding along with specific strategies and concrete suggestions for helping ADHD children become successful learners. Dr. Jim’s encouragement and positivity result in a valuable resource for parents.”
Diane Payne, principle, educator, author

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