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Is ADHD Hereditary?

In this video, Dr. Jim Poole, ADHD specialist and founder of FastBraiin, answers a question many parents are asking, “Is ADHD hereditary?”

In this video on ADHD and hereditary, Dr. Jim will cover…

  • some of the positives of ADHD
  • how similar parents and kids are
  • why parents of ADHD kids should consider themselves as having ADHD

We hope this short video on ADHD being hereditary was helpful for you.


James Poole, MD, FAAP FOUNDER Perhaps no one understands the ADHD world better than Dr. Jim Poole, founder of FastBraiin. Playing sports, growing a pediatric medical practice, caring for individuals with ADD/ADHD, participating on numerous national and state Academy of Pediatrics...[more]
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