Focus A:

Meet the Safe and Affordable Way to Help Your Child Tackle Distraction & Fatigue

From our work with well over 5000 families with ADHD, we know patients with ADHD have difficulty staying engaged and energized. We also know many thoughtful parents are looking beyond medication to improve behavioral and overall well-being. Focus A can help your child:

Boost focus while reducing or eliminating the need for stimulants
Increase engagement, attention span, and energy in the classroom
Have the mental focus to finish homework
Achieve the grades & success you know they’re capable of achieving


A Two-Month Starter Supply of Focus A to help you start getting results ASAP.


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Why use Focus A to help your child with ADD/ADHD?


Focus A is Safer than Stimulants

A team of licensed Medical Doctors and Naturopaths have partnered to ensure the highest quality standards in our ingredients. You don’t even need a doctor’s prescription to take it.


Focus A is More Affordable than Stimulants

In addition to potential side effects, stimulant medications can be extremely expensive. Focus A is far more affordable — and you even get double the supplements compared to most other brands.


Focus A is an effective solution without the danger of stimulants

Focus A has been used by ADHD patients at our FastBraiin clinics and across America to help boost grades, improve work performance, and lessen the need for medication.


Ingredients in Focus A


Schizandrol A for improving mood & memory

Schizandrol A possesses unique stimulatory and mood elevating effects. Schizandrol A has been shown to improve cognition and memory. The fruit of Schisandra also seems to possess adaptogenic properties, reducing the biochemical markers of perceived stress. Schizandrol A works best if it is cycled as tolerance seems to develop after about two weeks of continued use.


L-Theanine for improved stress management and attention

L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, may help reduce the perception of stress and slightly improve attention. The relaxing and attention promoting properties of L-Theanine coupled with the lack of sedation give L-Theanine its most significant supplemental role in attenuating the ‘edge’ of many stimulants.

Rhodiola Rosea 

Rhodiola Rosea for improved mental performance and stamina

Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to help improve mental performance by reducing mental and physical fatigue. For people who have been diagnosed with ADHD, the benefits can be extremely helpful.


Higenamine for focus and mental clarity

Higenamine is a natural stimulant that promotes mental clarity. This supplement ingredient has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicines.


Caffeine for maintaining focus

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that makes you more alert and gives you a boost of energy. Caffeine is included in Focus A for the synergistic effects it provides with the other ingredients.


Niacin for energizing your body and mind

Niacin (Vitamin B3) has several functions, which include converting carbohydrates to glucose, the fuel that creates energy for the body. It also helps with nervous system functioning, metabolizing proteins and fats, minimizing cholesterol, producing hormones and enhancing blood circulation.


Pyridoxine for supporting nervous system health

Pyridoxine (B6) is used for preventing and treating low levels of pyridoxine (pyridoxine deficiency) and the “tired blood” (anemia) that may result. In addition to being used for helping people with ADHD, Pyridoxine is also used for Alzheimer’s disease, autism, migraine headaches, allergies, as well as for increasing appetite (among a host of other things).


Hear how Focus A is making a difference in real people’s lives

“My wife started taking Focus A a few months ago and has nothing but great things to say about it! She has been able to really focus and stay alert at work without experiencing any of the negative side effects from previous medications she took in the past. We are also extremely impressed with the professionalism and great customer service provided by the associates at Fastbraiin. Keep up the good work!”


Medical Professionals and Families Across the Country Trust FastBraiin Supplements, but it’s normal to have questions.

Here are some of the top FAQ’s we’re asked:

What is the cost difference between supplements and medication?

It's significant. A typical prescription for ADD/ADHD medication can run between $40 and $400 per month depending on your prescription and healthcare coverage. Before any discounts, Focus A costs only $20/month plus shipping -- and you can save 15% off that immediately by subscribing. Many patients are finding supplements alone significantly impact their symptoms and find that using supplements in conjunction with medications causes a reduction in overall cost as well. Supplements can be used when medication is wearing off in the afternoon (instead of a second dose) or on the weekends to give the body a break from medication.

How long does a supplement take to experience results?

Most patients experience the benefits of Focus A immediately. In some cases the dose may need to be increased for better effect (two pills instead of one).

Do I need a prescription from a Doctor to take supplements?

No, you sure don’t. Supplements are dietary but don’t carry the risk of side effects like medication does.

How is a supplement different than medication?

Supplements help mitigate some of the common symptoms caused by things like ADD/ADHD by addressing the roots beneath the symptoms, which are often related to deficiencies in our American diets. FastBraiin supplements come from natural resources while medication is created synthetically.

Focus A is risk-free & comes with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee! Don’t wait to help your child start finding success!


A Two-Month Starter Supply of Focus A to help you start getting results ASAP.


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Save 15% and get a fresh supply of Focus A Delivered to Your Door every 2 Months.


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