What is FastBraiin?

Dr. Jim Poole has practiced pediatric medicine for over 40 years with a specialty in ADHD. Through his clinics, website, and new book, Flipping ADHD on Its Head, Dr. Jim shares a revolutionary approach to maximize the strengths and manage the challenges of ADHD so that the advantages of having FastBraiin are universally appreciated.

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The Story of FastBraiin

Jim Poole, MD, FAAP, clinical associate of Duke Health, founded FastBraiin in 2010 on the premise that individuals with ADHD have unique strengths in athletics, business, engineering, medicine, sales, the arts, and the classroom—wherever a quick and adaptable brain shines.

Dr. Jim’s understanding of ADHD and the method of FastBraiin is the culmination of over 40 years of professional experience—listening to, learning from, and caring for ADHD children, youth, and adults. Dr. Jim graduated from Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina, completed his pediatric residency at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, served as Chief of Pediatrics at the Army hospital in Stuttgart, Germany, and founded his current practice, Growing Child Pediatrics in Raleigh, North Carolina. Today, Growing Child Pediatrics is an affiliate of Duke Health and one of the largest pediatric practices in North Carolina.

The philosophy of FastBraiin was planted early in Dr. Jim’s life as he watched his father and fellow pediatrician, Dr. Frank Poole, care for patients and was taught to value each and every person, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. This philosophy was also developed through countless experiences within his own marriage and family, practicing as a physician, playing sports, learning how to learn, reading and more reading, enjoying thoughtful and sometimes tearful conversations with patients, conversing with professionals who challenged and energized him, and overcoming and thriving with his own ADHD (and an auditory learning disability).

FastBraiin has helped over 6,000 children and adolescents move from C’s, D’s and F’s to A/B honor roll, and helped more than 2,000 adults improve their productivity and relationships at home and in the workplace. FastBraiin currently has multiple locations within the Raleigh-Durham area with plans for a national expansion.

“I have a deep desire to help children, adolescents, families, and adults navigate the confusing and sometimes hopeless world of ADHD. For me, flipping my thoughts and understanding about ADHD has made ALL the difference—as a husband, father, physician, and friend. Those of us who are FastBraiin do not need to blend in with the rest of the world. We need to embrace our FastBraiin by developing our strengths, being grateful and excited about who we are, and sharing our gift with the world!” -Dr. Jim

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What are the two most critical pieces of successful ADHD care.
How the current model of ADHD care came into existence and why it fails to deliver positive results.
Why ADHD is a mislabel and how you can begin embracing it as the strength of FastBraiin instead.

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