The FastBraiin Approach: Positive and Comprehensive

We are positive in that we believe ADHD is not a disability, but an incredible gift–what we call FastBraiin.

We are comprehensive in that we look at each client from a medical, behavioral, and educational perspective. Our doctors learn from our educators, and our educators learn from our counselors, giving you or your child the most targeted and beneficial care available.

After an initial evaluation, we begin developing one’s strengths and weaknesses utilizing aspects of creativity, study skills, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and if necessary, medication, all with the goal of seeing each client find their pathway to success.

Our hope is to replace the “disease” stigma of ADHD with the strength, adaptability, and confidence of FastBraiin.



The FastBraiin Difference







When we meet your needs, we connect you to a better, more productive future. The key to making the connection is getting to know you, and providing the right balance of treatment to aid you in being the best you can be.